Monday, July 20, 2009

Trevor Giuliani - Singer, Songwriter, Adventurer

A recent Oregon transplant by way of New York by way of Connecticut, Trevor Giuliani has seen quite a bit in his journey to find somewhere to put down roots. As he puts it, "New York City from 18 to 22 can provide good incubation space, but now I want a garden and actually know my recycling is being recycled." The open space and greenery have, apparently, done wonders for his creative side as his debut album, Subcontrario (In Stereo) is an engaging and dynamic set of pop folk songs with a subtle experimental streak. Though he only briefly studied musical composition at NYU, Giuliani's carefully constructed tunes show a more in-depth and involved musical approach than many of his singer/songwriter peers. Songs range from breezy pop singalongs to slowly building, avant-garde numbers - usually finding a good balance between accessibility and intrigue.

Favorites from the record include the sunny first single, "Wasting Your Town," the nerdy folk-rocker "Nubian Forest," and the retro-pop-flavored "Janessa." All of these fit among the more upbeat of Giuliani's songs, which are his most immediate, though the emotional, tense "All Nights Rest" and the lengthy closer "Predicated Ground" show the songwriter as being equally adept at more gently paced indie rock. Subcontrario (In Stereo) is a record that takes a few spins to fully reveal all of its charm, but it's an album worth spending time getting to know. Download "Wasting Your Town" from my previous post and go head to Trevor Giuliani's MySpace page for more.