Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing....Little Tybee

Little Tybee is an experimental indie group hailing from Georgia who recently release their excellent debut EP that you should take the time to hear soon. The three musicians comprising the newly established band have been involved in a variety of musical collectives over the last few years - most of which you've probably never heard of (I haven't, anyway) - and their individual musical experience is quite evident on I Wonder Which House the Fish Will Live In. The collection of seven songs features beautiful instrumental compositions and delightfully strange high tenor vocals recorded in their simplicity in band member Brock Scott's apartment over a four-day period.

Stunning violin floats above equally gorgeous piano and guitar riffs with strangely synthetic percussion filling in the rest in a combination that is as bewildering as it is engaging. The music's appealing oddness is actually quite immediate in its enjoyability, but repeat listens will uncover even more to love. It's difficult to pick favorites, but the lovely "Fallen Bird," with its gently rocking pace and the more spare title track are current high points for me. Though it's only an EP, I Wonder Which House the Fish Will Live In feels more like a fully realized album in the way that it's constructed and because the somewhat lengthy tunes produce almost 27 minutes of music. With songs as strong as these, the news that the band is now working on their debut LP should be very good news.

I know I probably say this too often, but these guys are more than deserving of a listen, so download a free tune from the new album below and head to MySpace to hear the majority of the EP.

Glass Brigade (MP3)