Monday, July 13, 2009

MP3 Monday: The Rural Alberta Advantage, These United States, Black Mold

MP3 Monday is almost becoming a one-man inside joke in its infrequency, but occasionally I just have too little time and too much great music to pass on to pass up an opportunity to dig the feature out of the trash and give it a chance to shine. Enjoy FIVE songs from three exciting new or upcoming albums.
The Rural Alberta Advantage

The recently released debut, Hometowns, by The Rural Alberta Advantage is one you may have missed in the shuffle this year but should take the time now to give a listen. After reading some very favorable reviews, I gave the album a shot and was pleasantly surprised at the folk-influenced, indie pop style that RAA presents in an infectious, hook-filled way throughout the record. Two tracks from Hometowns are available for download below, the lonesome, earnest "Don't Haunt This Place" and the danceable "Frank, AB." Both are excellent cuts from what is certainly one of this year's sleeper hits.

Don't Haunt This Place (MP3)

Frank, AB (MP3)

These United States

The latest album in a prolific career from These United States, Everything Touches Everything, will be released September 1st. Anyone familiar with the band's previous material should be excited for more from these talented alt-folksters, and if the rockin' first single, "I Want You to Keep Everything" is any indication, the band will continue to impress. Download the song below and keep an eye out for the record in a couple months.

I Want You to Keep Everything (MP3)

Black Mold

Black Mold is the unappetizing new monicker for Chad VanGaalen, who is using the name as a way to present his new electronically-inclined instrumental album, Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz, which will be released on August 11th. The music seems to have more in common with Dan Deacon's work than with Van Gaalen's previous efforts, but is just as compelling and genuinely fascinating. You can download "Tetra Pack Heads" through Pitchfork and stream "Metal Spider Webs" over at Stereogum for a preview.

Tetra Pack Heads (Pitchfork MP3 download)

Metal Spider Webs
(Stereogum Stream)