Monday, July 13, 2009

Archeology - purveyors of pure indie pop

Portland, Oregon band Archeology came across my radar recently and caught my ear with their low-key, hook-filled indie pop tunes. I was immediately reminded of Bishop Allen when I heard the bouncy "MCMXIV" and the appropriately titled "Lovejoy" from their debut EP, Change of Address, though the band's influences obviously encompass a variety of pop styles as shown by the nine tracks the boys have released as a band so far. Both Change of Address and The Wildwood Hymns were release this year, and the band have plans to release another three EPs before the end of '09 that should hopefully garner the band some deserved attention.

And as for the name - the band explain it thusly:

"After we had figured out a musical direction we were then faced with the challenge of choosing a band name that captured who we were. We didn’t want to over think this process or make it into a philosophical pursuit, so Daniel and I just chose the name of our other interest besides music…archaeology."

Below you can find two tracks, a favorite from each of the EPs, for download. The first, "Knots," is an upbeat, summertime track, while "Violette" is a melancholy ballad that immediately impressed me upon first listen. Both are worth a listen, so go ahead and take advantage! For more info/music, check out Archeology on MySpace.

Knots (MP3)

Violette (MP3)


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