Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review - Skygreen Leopards - Gorgeous Johnny (* * 1/2)

Donovan Quinn and Glenn Donaldson, core members of low-key pop group Skygreen Leopards, have teamed up with Jason Quever of Papercuts for their latest album, Gorgeous Johnny. The collaboration isn’t much of a surprise given the musicians’ previous work together, and considering the stylistic overlap of the two projects, making this new record sound awful familiar: breezy folk rock as jangly retro-pop. It’s not necessarily a bad template, but it would seem the group is pushing their luck by sticking to such a familiar and basic musical style after returning from a three year hiatus. The good news is that existing fans should find something to enjoy and will know what to expect; the bad is that with such little progress, there isn’t much here to entice newcomers. (Continue Reading...)