Monday, July 27, 2009

MP3 Monday: Neon Indian, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, The Temper Trap, Princeton, The Octopus Project

FIVE songs today from bands that have upcoming albums YOU should be excited about. Listen/download and check out more from these exciting groups.

Neon Indian - Terminally Chill (MP3)

Alan Palomo's new electronic project, Neon Indian, offers a sexy, psychedelic bit of electronic funk from their upcoming album, Psychic Chasms. The debut will drop on October 13th, but you should familiarize yourself now with a band that has already turned some heads and will undoubtedly turn many more come October. (MySpace)

A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Ashes Grammar/Ashes Math (MP3)

Back with their sophomore album on September 15th, A Sunny Day in Glasgow are offering the dual single "Ashes Grammar/Ashes Math" from the new album, also titled Ashes Grammar. The song is a beautiful dream-pop ballad that should get fans and newcomers alike looking forward to more. (MySpace)


The Temper Trap - Down River (MP3)

Indie pop group The Temper Trap have been getting a bit of attention due to their song "Sweet Disposition" which is featured in the popular romantic comedy "500 Days of Summer." Both the aforementioned tune and the excellent free download here can be found on their debut album, Conditions, due out October 13th. (MySpace)

Princeton - Calypso Gold (MP3)

Another up-and-coming band with a debut only a couple months out, Princeton have made an fantastic introduction with the first single "Calypso Gold," with swaying strings, jangly guitars, and sharp percussion that is already a new favorite of mine. Cocoon of Love drops September 29th. (MySpace)

The Octopus Project - Wet Gold (MP3)

Austin quartet The Octopus Project are gearing up for another tour and a new EP, entitled Golden Beds, due out tomorrow! The band is offering the new single for free and we should all be grateful, their compelling boy/girl pop harmonies and shimmering presentation make this one you won't want to pass up. (MySpace)


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