Friday, July 10, 2009

Bagheera make their debut with the Hollow Home EP

Remember Bagheera...from Jungle Book? Perhaps not, but the black panther from Rudyard Kipling's classic novel served as the inspiration behind the name for an upcoming three-piece indie band comprised of students at the University of Liverpool, and that itself should be giving the name additional meaning soon. The band have only a four-song EP to their name, but Hollow Home is an excellent introduction to their ear-catching style and I imagine it won't be long before people are taking notice.

It's easiest to name-check Grizzly Bear in association with Baheera's sound, and though they wear that along with several other influences on their collective sleeve, the band's music is quite good and unique enough to be deserving of attention. The four songs showcase the trio's excellent vocal ability as well as their more than capable musicianship in composing truly gorgeous tunes, my favorite of which ("Old Machine") you can download below - though I recommend checking out MySpace for the entire EP. Bagheera certainly know how to make an entrance into the music scene.

Old Machine (MP3)


Lee said...

nice review! and proper use of words ;)