Monday, June 22, 2009

MP3 Monday: Trevor Giuliani, The Skygreen Leopards

To celebrate my return, I figured I would resurrect my short-lived 'MP3 Monday' spot with a couple tunes from two artists that I've been introduced to recently. Enjoy!

Trevor Giuliani - "Wasting Your Town"

Mr. Giuliani is a singer/songwriter who is set to release his debut album, Subcontrario (In Stereo), on July 21st. His style is difficult to describe but easy to love, incorporating various pop and folk elements into an infectious and enjoyable blend that is at times upbeat and fun and occasionally lonely and delicate. Get a taste of the upcoming record by downloading the breezy "Wasting Your Town" below, which uses bright piano and guitar riffs to compliment Giuliani's clear tenor voice.

Wasting Your Town (MP3)

The Skygreen Leopards - "Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass"

Though Skygreen Leopards have been around for some time, I hadn't heard a thing about them until I received word about their upcoming album, Gorgeous Johnny, which will also be released on July 21st. The folksy first single from the record, "Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass," is a lovely tune with a touch of psychedelia giving the track a bit of a retro pop feel. I can't wait to hear the rest of the record and I'll be posting more about these guys soon, but for now, download the song and give it a listen immediately.

Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass (MP3)