Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review (republished): Deastro - Moondagger (* * * *)

I already posted this review, but this one is new, improved, and just better written - full thing at In Review Online.

'Spiritual space-rock' may be odd musical terminology, but it's perhaps the best way to describe Randolph Chabot's unique brand of electro-pop. The 22 year-old prodigy recording under the Deastro moniker draws inspiration from church choirs, 80s synth-pop and any electronic or organic instrument he can get his hands on. Having created music in his bedroom from a very young age, Chabot apparently racked up quite the collection of tunes and a selection of ‘hits’ from this early material was released last year as the compilation Keepers, becoming something of a surprise success for the eMusic imprint. Now, Deastro returns as a proper band for proper debut Moondagger, a feverishly upbeat and effortlessly enjoyable blast of catchy pop music with an endearingly geeky sci-fi edge. (Continue Reading...)