Friday, January 2, 2009

New Artist/MP3: A Classic Education

A Classic Education are a band I know little about. They live in Italy and tour through Europe, they sing in English, and at least one of them is Canadian, but that's about the extent of what I've been able to find out. I suppose that's not much of an introduction (I also suppose I could have just asked for some more info), but now we can get to what really matters here.

The band's sound, as showcased by the First EP (a fitting title), is gentle, yet earnest, indie-pop with a slightly gritty undertone. At times I hear traces of Arcade Fire, Minus The Bear, and Built To Spill, but it's tough to make a good comparison. The five tracks range from the energetic, shifting "Badlands & Owls" to the emotional balladry of "Lovers Barricade." The disc closes with "Wartimes," a shimmering, mid-tempo pop tune with some afro-pop guitars and a more atmospheric tone. It's a strong set of songs with A Classic Education proving themselves capable of wearing many stylistic hats during the album's 18 minutes.

What I have available to download here (courtesy of the band's website) is a new tune called "We Can Always Run To Hawaii," which is the sound of the group at their most upbeat and sunny. Download the song using the link below and head over to A Classic Education's MySpace page to hear more.

Download: We Can Always Run To Hawaii

Check out the band's website and MySpace Page