Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Artist: Harlem Shakes

Harlem Shakes turned some heads in 2007 with the release of their first EP entitled Burning Birthdays, a quirky set of pop tunes that was undeniably catchy and exceptionally smart. After a fairly quiet last year, the band are set to release their first full-length album, Technicolor Health, in March. The group create a great pop style using a mix of spiky guitars, soaring keys, and both programmed and traditional percussion, and while they draw from a variety of influences, their sound feels unique and fresh. I'm predicting some serious hype surrounds this album within the next couple weeks.

The band have a song up at their MySpace page called "Strictly Game" and I simply can not get enough of the fantastic guitar/drum combo behind the witty, well-delivered lyrics; it's pure pop perfection. Add this to the list of reasons March is gonna be an amazing month for music.

Track List for Technicolor Health:

1. Nothing But Change Part II
2. Strictly Game
3. TFO
4. Niagara Falls
5. Sunlight
6. Unhurried Hearts (Passaic Pastoral)
7. Winter Water
8. Natural Man
9. Radio Orlando
10. Technicolor Health