Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Artist: Let Me Run

New Jersey punk quartet Let Me Run formed in 2007 and have wasted no time in hitting the road, getting noticed, and writing their debut album which was recently released on XOXO records. The group's raw, direct approach combines crunchy guitars and pounding drums with stories of tough living and attempted redemption. Meet Me At The Bottom is a hard-rocking collection of tunes that's equal parts grit and melody, punk attitude and pop sensibility. You can download a track below.

Behind singer Travis Omilian's emotional growl, the band create some great moments, like the arena-ready chorus of "Like a Fish," the friend-in-trouble anthem "Shane," and epic closer "The Body and the Slowburner." Meet Me At The Bottom bodes well for Let Me Run, who treat each and every minute on the album as an opportunity to impress instead of space to fill. Recommended for those who enjoy the music of Rise Against, Jawbreaker, and Roll The Tanks.

I'll leave you with this, from the band's bio:

"...imagine yourself drunk as f*** flying a fighter jet through the Grand Canyon at one billion miles an hour with a bear. That is how Let Me Run lives every second, every day."

Rock on, guys.

Head over to Fuse.TV to download "Like a Fish" and check out the band's MySpace to listen to a few others.