Saturday, January 24, 2009

Asobi Seksu album details, new single

The pop duo of Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna are set to release their new album, Hush, through Polyvinyl Records on February 17th. Chikudate's classical musical training and Hanna's rock background combine beautifully in an expansive and expressive shoegaze pop style that is absolutely stunning.

For a preview of the upcoming record, the first single, "Familiar Light," is available to download over at Pitchfork. The track explores a larger, more epic indie sound while still maintaining the intimacy of Asobi Seksu's previous work and should get people excited for hearing the rest of Hush when it's released next month.

"Familiar Light" download page - Pitchfork

Asobi Seksu's MySpace page

Hush Track List:

1. Layers
2. Familiar Light
3. Sing Tomorrow's Praise
4. Gliss
5. Transparence
6. Risky And Pretty
7. In The Sky
8. Meh No Mae
9. Glacially
10. I Can't See
11. Me & Mary
12. Blind Little Rain


Cody said...

My buddy Brandon is going to love your blog... You have some well thought out reviews. Keep up the good work. -cheers