Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MP3: The Old Ceremony - 'Til My Voice Is Gone

I worry sometimes that I have dug myself so deep into the indie scene that I've forgotten how to enjoy some of music's simple pleasures; a sing-a-long chorus, relatable lyrics, a smile-inducing amount of positive energy, etc. Fortunately, bands like The Old Ceremony are here to remind us of how effortlessly enjoyable rock 'n' roll can be, and why you and I should take a break from listening to our Animal Collective records every once in a while. The group's anthematic Americana sound ranges from "the Beatles to Beck, Leadbelly to Led Zeppelin" according to their bio, and that's a decent description from what I've heard so far. The North Carolina five-piece's ability to build familiar themes and pleasant melodies into relevant, interesting structures is both admirable and gratifying.

The Old Ceremony are giving us a sample of their upcoming album, Walk On Thin Air, by offering the first single, "'Til My Voice Is Gone," over at RCRD LBL. The song's triumphant message and epic presentation combined with the band's skillful musicianship should make you a believer in no time.