Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Dose - 9/23: Lost in the Trees

Funny thing, it turns out the 23rd is today, not yesterday. Now that the dates are squared away, let's get to the music.

Artist: Lost in the Trees
Latest Release:
All Alone in an Empty House
Genre: Indie/Orchestral/Folk

The Genre tags you see above - I should admit - were written out of pure laziness on my part, as Chapel Hill band Lost in the Trees already refer to themselves as a "folk orchestra" anyway. But that's pretty much the best term you could think to use to describe the group after seeing them labeled as such. Their sweepingly cinematic full-length debut album veers between film score-esque instrumentals, epic indie rockers and quiet folk ballads, each an absorbing piece featuring a full string selection, horns, accordion, guitars and more. That frontman Ari Picker has a classical music background should come as no surprise as you listen to the beautifully complex arrangements, and fans of literary folksters like The Decemberists will enjoy the depth of the lyrical narratives that make All Alone in an Empty House such a notable record. There's nothing quite like this one, so listen up.

Key Tracks: "All Alone in an Empty House," "Walk Around the Lake," "Love On My Side"

Download: All Alone in an Empty House (MP3)



Anonymous said...

love lost in the trees - so worth seeing live too! just saw some dates posted as well as a tiny desk concert link

2010-09-21 Thunderbird Cafe Pittsburgh PA   
2010-09-22 Cat In The Cream Coffeehouse Oberlin  OH   
2010-09-23 Chronic Town State College PA   
2010-09-24 Eighth Step at Proctors Schenectady NY   
2010-10-02 Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton MA   
2010-10-03 TT The Bear's Place Cambridge   MA   
2010-10-06 Joes Pub New York NY   
2010-10-07 The Bell House Brooklyn NY   
2010-10-09 Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar Charlottesville   VA   
2010-10-10 Metro Gallery Baltimore   MD   
2010-10-12 Black Cat Washington DC   
2010-10-13 The Evening Muse Charlotte   NC   
2010-10-14 Artistika Greensboro NC   
2010-10-17 Culture Center Theater Charleston WV