Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Dose - 9/16: Clubfeet

Artist: Clubfeet
Latest Release: Gold on Gold
Genre: Electronica/Dance/Indie

Having drawn comparisons to Hot Chip and Junior Boys, it's not difficult to understand why Melbourne-via-Capetown trio Clubfeet are making some serious waves this year. Darkly funky grooves, layered vocals, and soft washes of synth characterize the band's debut, which generally prefers smoldering, low-key dance-rock to explosive, club-ready anthems. Even those less inclined to dig into the indie electronica scene will likely find much to love about the band's appealing mix of alternative dance hooks and smooth pop sensibility. They certainly prove worthy of the aforementioned comparisons, but Club Feet also build a head-turning style all their own on this stellar first effort

Key Tracks: "Edge of Extremes," "Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)," "D.I.E. Yuppie Scum"

Download: Edge of Extremes - Teenage Suicide (Don't Do It)



T.O. Snob said...

I can't get enough of their cover of James' "Say Something".