Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Dose - 9/14: Kim Taylor

Artist: Kim Taylor
Latest Release: Little Miracle
Genre: Folk/Singer-songwriter/Americana

This has been a great year for singer-songwriters, especially those of the more traditional folk/Americana variety, and though you may not have heard Kim Taylor's name mentioned in that sort of discussion yet, you should expect to soon. Her new album, Little Miracle, drops next week, and it's a stunner. Taylor's blend of folk, blues, and pop is both emotionally gripping and sonically gorgeous, with world-weary tales delivered in captivating melodies by her rich, smokey voice. The record draws you in from the start and demands your attention right through the very last chord, a rare thing indeed.

Key Tracks: "Lost and Found," "American Child," "Fruits of my Labor"

Download: Lost and Found



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