Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recommended Artist: Quiet Company

Quiet Company is an indie rock band from Austin led by former (and brief) Eisley band member Taylor Muse that just released their new album, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon. The band makes infectious 90s-esque piano-rock packed with melody and a positive outlook that makes the record's 15 songs a great soundtrack for ushering in sunnier days and warm summer nights.

Songs like the first single, "It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money," and "Our Sun Is Always Rising" are power-pop tunes with bouncy piano lines, jangly guitars, and Muse's musings (har!) on love, life, and happiness. Throughout the record, he takes few detours, turning up the volume on "The Beginning Of Everything At The End Of The World," adding a little twang with slide guitar on "On Modern Men," and presenting a fuzzier, noisy pop sound on "How To Fake Like You Are Nice & Caring," but the strength of the album lies less in variety than on sheer energy and melody. Occasionally, the band take a break for a ballad, as on the gentle, acoustic "Red & Gold" or the sparse, instrumental piece, "When I Am Empty, Please Dispose Of Me Properly." Even then, the tunes are fairly saturated with pop-oriented, sugary goodness, which might be too much for some listeners to handle. It's so likable, however, that you're much more likely to have a tough time turning it off.

Everyone You Know Will Be Happy Soon is a fun, breezy record, a blast of sunshine in a world that could certainly use some, and Quiet Company are a band that deserve some attention from your ears. Check out Quiet Company on MySpace, head over to their site where you can buy the album for a respectable seven bucks, or look below for their music video for "It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend tonight Like There's No Money."


Anonymous said...

What a great review. This abum is incredible and definitely worth picking up.

Malsuer3s said...

Solid song and great video. Good work guys! Cant wait for the show with the toadies in april!

Anonymous said...

Great review, great songs, and a great album! There is something for everyone to love!