Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kath Bloom tribute album arrives in April

American singer/songwriter Kath Bloom will have an album released in her honor on April 7. Loving Takes This Course: A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom is a two-disc collection, one of covers, another of the original folk songs that cause these people to say such nice things about her:

"One of the most heartbreaking singers ever. Beautiful." - Devendra Banhart

"I consider myself her biggest fan." - Josephine Foster

"I've never enjoyed sharing a bill with anyone as much as I have with Kath. She's wonderful and lights
up the room wherever she goes." - Mark Kozelek

Those three artists, along with a varied selection of 13 others have recorded generally great reinterpretations of Bloom's gentle, emotionally charged songs. The album was compiled by Chapter's Guy Blackman and San Francisco filmmaker Caveh Zahedi over the past two years and serves as a decent introduction to Bloom's work if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing her music already.

Track List, Disc One:

1. Come Here - Marble Sounds
2. The Breeze/My Baby Cries - Bill Callahan
3. When I See You - Laura Jean
4. Finally - Mark Kozelek
5. Window - Mick Turner (Dirty Three) & Peggy Frew
6. Forget About Him - Devendra Banhart
7. I Wanna Love - Scout Niblett
8. Biggest Light Of All - The Dodos
9. Look At Me - Josephine Foster
10. Ready Or Not - Mia Doi Todd
11. Fall Again - Corrina Repp
12. It's So Hard To Come Home - Marianne Dissard & Joey Burns (Calexico)
13. In Your School - Amy Rude
14. If This Journey - Tom Hanford
15. There Was A Boy - Meg Baird (Espers)
16. Come Here - The Concretes