Sunday, March 15, 2009

Joan of Arc offers new song from upcoming 'Flowers'

Experimental indie rock collective Joan of Arc, led by enigmatic frontman Tim Kinsella, are set to release a new album, entitled Flowers, on June 9th. Kinsella has always been about the only constant in Joan of Arc, releasing a stready stream of albums since the late 90s with a different band lineup and musical direction for each one. Shifting time-signatures, complex arrangements, and a health dose of musical exploration make Joan of Arc a band unlike any other, and Flowers seeks to continue the group's journey even further into the outer reaches of their psychedelia-tinged folk-rock sound.

You can download "Explain Yourself #2" below for an early taste of the upcoming record. The oddball pop tune is one of the more direct songs on Flowers, with some funky percussion and organ as the backdrop to Kinsella's off-kilter lyrics that only pop up on about half of the album. You can also check out the band's MySpace page to hear more music, or head on to their home page for additional information.

Explain Yourself #2 (MP3)

1. Fogbow
2. The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations
3. Flowers
4. Fasting
5. Explain Yourselves #2
6. Tsunshine
7. A Delicious Herbal Laxative
8. Explain Yourselves
9. Table of the Laments
10. Fable of the Elements
11. Life Sentence / Twisted Ladder
12. The Sun Rose