Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Artist: The Library

Five piece pop-rock outfit, The Library, are set to release their self-titled debut EP next week, March 10. The band make danceable, funky music behind singer Court Alexander's impressive set of pipes that immediately grab you with their smooth, soulful edge. The band's sound is something similar to Maroon 5 with a more electronic feel and their EP of four original songs and two remixes showcases their sense of melody and musicianship. For those looking for their next soundtrack to a night out, The Library EP is definitely worth a listen.

"It Ain't Over" starts things off with a techno-inspired groove and Alexander showing off his amazing vocal range, while "No Mercy, Only Violence" has a grittier, synth-heavy rythm and "One More Time" ventures even further into dance music territory in an over-the-top pop song. "You Don't Need No Doctor, Sugar," the album's last original tune, is available for download below, a combination of what the band does best - melding organic and electronic elements into a very, very good time.

You Don't Need No Doctor, Sugar (MP3)

The band have a few tour dates lined up around LA area:

11 Hollywood, CA - Boardners * EP Release Party
20 San Diego, CA - U-31
22 Hollywood, CA - Cinespace
28 Los Angeles, CA - Bardot