Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deastro to release "Moondagger" LP on June 25

22-year-old Randolph Chabot is Deastro, a one-man electro-rock band making some big waves since the release of his home-recorded debut, Keepers, last year. His bedroom-pop style is remarkably full, with layers of electronics and organic instruments filling his sci-fi narratives with pop hooks. His confident presentation and soaring arrangements elevate his music past the league of lonely, insecure, pop artists emerging from similar backgrounds, and his infectious attitude is easy to love.

Deastro's new album, Moondagger, is due out on June 25th, and the psychedelic first single, "Paralellogram, " is out now, which you can stream over at his MySpace page. The single should be enough to get you excited to hear more from the new record, which expands Chabot's sound for an even grander, more explosive electronica sound to create music unlike anything you've heard before.


Anonymous said...

He also has a 7" vinyl on Five Three Dial Tone Records.

Both tracks can be heard here: