Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oneida offers songs from upcoming triple-album 'Rated O'

Experimental rock group Oneida is getting ready to release the second installment to their Thank Your Parents trilogy, a triple album entitled Rated O. The record follows the trilogy's first installment, last summer's Preteen Weaponry, and will be released this August on Jagjaguwar. The band is offering a preview of the album in the form of THREE free songs, which you can download below. The group's dark, brooding electro-rock sound has brought them consistent critical acclaim and if you haven't had the opportunity, take the time now to hear why. The psychedelic artwork you see above is the album cover, designed by Dan Schechter.

I Will Haunt You (MP3)

Saturday (MP3)

What's Up, Jackal? (MP3)