Monday, May 18, 2009

Josh Reichmann returns with the Oracle Band

Former Tangiers member Josh Reichmann has continued to be quite prolific after the band's dissolution, initially through his solo project, Jewish Legend, and now with the Josh Reichmann Oracle Band which released its debut LP, Crazy Power, last week. The record follows the group's first EP, Life Is Legal, which introduced the world to Reichmann's new sound - a blend of psychedelia, soul, and funk wrapped in a layer of eccentricity that's fresh and fun. The ten tracks of the new record reveal a band that feels comfortable and confident despite being a recently formed collective, and Crazy Power certainly has its share of great moments.

Opener "Spirits Don't Leave" should give listeners a good idea of what they're getting themselves into, with jazzy keyboards, stomping percussion, and Reichmann's dramatic tenor voice blending together into a messy, exciting pop tune. Continuing the compelling zaniness are songs like the frantic "Trade Names," the psychedelically inclined "Aztec Hive," and the sleek "Fractal Web." Not everything succeeds as completely as the best material, but the Oracle Band hold the project together with serious musical chops to compliment their fearlessly weird leader's eclectic songwriting and Crazy Power is worth your time if you're at all interested in the pop music's more bizarre and theatrical side.

Hear a good chunk of the album over at the band's MySpace, and continue below to download Reichmann's cover of Bat for Lashes' "Daniel," which he's offering for free in support of the new record.

Daniel (Bat for Lashes Cover)