Thursday, May 21, 2009

David Mead offers "Blackberry Winters" from upcoming album

Well in advance of his new record, Almost and Always, which will be released in August, David Mead is offering the song "Blackberry Winters," which you can find below. It's a lovely folk tune that marks the first new material from Mead in over three years since his acclaimed Tangerine album. The gentle, melancholy collection was affected, in part, by Mead's own struggles, which he details:

“I had to take some time away from touring. I had basically been in a rental car by myself for eight months of every year since 2000 and I was just fried. And perpetually broke. It wasn’t fun anymore.” After spending 2007 living in Brooklyn, Mead separated from his wife and returned to his native Nashville in early 2008, initially landing in a room in his father’s basement for a few months. “The change was a little paralyzing. I had left pretty much every- thing but my books and a few lamps in Brooklyn, and there I was, back in Nashville, well into my 30’s, doing manual labor and wondering what was supposed to happen next.”

Blackberry Winters (MP3)

Track list for Almost and Always:

1. Rainy Weather friend
2. Little Boats
3. Blackberry Winters
4. Mojave Phone Booth
5. Twenty Girls Ago
6. From My Window Sill
7. Sicily
8. Gramercy Vaudeville
9. Last Train Home
10. Almost and Always
11. Love Don’t Leave Me Now
12. Sleeping In Saturday
13. Home