Saturday, May 2, 2009

New and Notable: Workers

I suppose it's a bit of a stretch to call Workers a 'new' band, but I think their recent name change justifies the title of the post. That, and the trio from Kentucky have only recently made a push here in the States - though they've had success overseas in England and Japan under the name Your Black Star, which was the group's original name. At first listen, the band reminded me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a group the guys have shared the stage with numerous times. Fortunately, while their rock 'n' roll sound will probably draw many comparisons and feels somewhat familiar, they bring a stylish intensity to the table and a fresh enough approach that their debut self-titled album is a welcome and compelling one. Workers is easily one of the better discoveries I've made in the last few months.

Opener "Revolutions," the darkly romantic "Invitation," and the explosive, noisy "French Figure 8" are good examples of the band's energetic, dense rock sound at which they truly excel - with drummer Andrew Osborn and bassist Brandon Duggins proving to be a spectacular rhythm section (just check out closer "Circulation") as front man Jeremy Johnson uses his even tenor voice and a variety of guitar effects to present his hazy, yet captivating melodies. The group also thrown in a couple well-placed ballads, including the especially great "Trinidad & Tobago," which soars epically in a very Jesus and Mary Chain sort of way but with even bigger drums and more grand production. With such a consistent and impressive set of ten tracks, Workers have certainly earned themselves the title of 'band to watch.'

Check out the Workers' MySpace page to hear more from the record as well as a few tunes from the band's earlier releases - or head to their site for more info.