Monday, May 25, 2009

New and Notable: Suckers

Suckers, the New York-based experimental rock quartet, have been making some big waves recently after releasing their self-titled debut EP a month or so ago. If you haven't been introduced by now, I imagine you'll start to hear much more about these guys in short while as they've got much of the blogosphere all worked up with their adventurous and delightfully strange electro-rock sound. The group is led by Quinn Walker, who a friend of mine has constantly insisted made one of 2008's best records, though all four members sing and play a variety of instruments. I've been hearing some '2009's MGMT' type of comparisons being made, and while there certainly are some stylistic similarities, Suckers are charting their own twisted pop music path that's just as compelling as any new band to come along this year.

The four songs of Suckers feature a variety of synthetic and organic instrumentation all wrapped around joyously delivered and emotionally charged vocals. The tracks generally shy away from outright danceable rhythms behind the melodies, instead they wind around constantly shifting tempos and stylistic transitions that keep the music consistently surprising and entertaining. Lead track "It Gets Your Body Movin' " slowly builds momentum with blaring horns, crashing cymbals, and muted guitar until it erupts in a cacophonous mess of instruments, while "Afterthoughts & TV" bounces along gently and melodically with the occasional burst of noise to shake things up. Personal favorite "Chairs" closes the EP with group chants and sparkly piano in an enjoyably bizarre rock tune.

Good stuff below to download and stream, so get a free song and check out the videos to hear more from this legitimately exciting band.

It Gets Your Body Movin' (MP3)

It Gets Your Body Movin' (Live Video)

Easy Chairs (Music Video)

Suckers on MySpace