Friday, April 24, 2009

Sean Bones of Sam Champion to release solo record

Sean Bones (ne Sullivan) is probably best known as a member of psychedelic indie band Sam Champion, but is now set to release his solo debut, Rings, on July 21st. For his new material, Bones focuses on a more reggae-influenced pop sound that, has he said, "just happened." Several songs from the upcoming record are available at his MySpace page, including the breezy "Easy Street" and the groovy, "Sugar In My Spoon."

“I'm not closing any doors,” says Sullivan of his past projects, “but when the idea to record my own reggae single came to me, I was so excited I had to stand on my fire escape. It feels right to be doing this.” From what I've heard, it sounds alright to me too.


1. Easy Street
2. Cry Cry Cry
3. Coco
4. Act So Casual
5. Sugar In My Spoon
6. Instigator
7. Smoke Rings
8. Visions
9. Dancehall
10. Captain Tying Knots
11. Turn Them