Friday, April 10, 2009

Empire of the Sun set to release U.S. debut

Empire of the Sun has already garnered no small amount of praise here and in their native Australia, though they are just now officially releasing their debut album, Walking On a Dream, in the U.S. The band, comprised of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, make electronic rock music with plenty of flair and bravado, causing some to compare them to America's own MGMT, who were about inescapable last year (which was fine with me). However you describe them, the duo have made big waves that are about to get bigger.

You can download a previously unreleased track, "Romance to Me," at the band's website if you 'join the Empire' by registering with the site, or you can simply head over to their MySpace to hear some tunes from the new album. Also, you can see a couple of their bizarro videos which I've embedded below. I'm excited to hear more from these guys when the album drops on the 21st.

Walking On a Dream

We Are the People


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