Monday, April 13, 2009

Project Jenny, Project Jan - The Colors EP

Project Jenny, Project Jan is a two-man electro-rock band that are out to have a good time and want you to do the same. Their debut LP, Xoxoxoxoxo, is a blast of danceable pop music that's goofy and fun, but also good enough that the duo are clearly asking to be taken seriously. Now, with The Colors EP, programmer/keyboardist Sammy Rubin and vocalist Jeremy Haines have teamed up with Fujiya & Miyagi, Mixel Pixel, So Percussion, Adam Matta, Clack Singles Club and vocalists Katie Hasty of Numbers and Letters and Kellie Rae Powell for a collaborative set of five catchy tracks that rival the band's best work on their debut.

"Pins and Needles", featuring Fujiya & Miyagi, is a funky, infectious pop tune with a signature F&M vocal hook, while "You Said," with So Percussion, is a more experimental, psychedelic number that's equally fascinating but less immediate. My personal favorite is "Rainbows," with Mixel Pixel, is a dense, trance-like tune with a dark edge and a killer chorus. Add a couple of bizarre pop songs, "Junk," and "Caller ID," and you have an EP that goes less for cohesion than it does for breadth of style and fun, and succeeds admirably. Whether you're waiting for PJPJ's new full-length to be released later this year, or you're just looking for some good electronic pop music, The Colors EP should hit the spot.

Check out the "Pins and Needles" video over at Pitchfork, or head to PJPJ's MySpace page to hear more tunes from the EP and their debut LP.