Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review: The Killers - Day & Age (* * * 1/2)

Apparently, Brandon Flowers got all (or most, anyway) of the Springsteen out of his system on his band's last album Sam's Town and is back to focusing on synth-driven power-pop with an 80s vibe. Day & Age, The Killers recently released third album, shows the group at their most glamorous and shimmering, an over-the-top explosion of sound and hooks that seeks to capture the energy of their debut while still moving forward.

As always, The Killers sound strongest when things move along quickly. The first half of Day & Age has the album's best tracks, the first single "Human," the 80s pop anthem "Spaceman" and the sexy funk tune "Joy Ride." While the fun lasts, the record feels as fresh and exciting as anything they've done. Consistency has never been Flowers and Co's strong suit, though, and the album loses some steam by the end of the ten tracks with two snoozers, the epic-yet-uninteresting "The World We Live In" and the overlong closer "Goodnight, Travel Well." Fortunately, while the band miss a few, their continued unawareness of their own limits still leads to some worthwhile moments, like the vocal chant that begins "This Is Your Life" or the horn-heavy verses on "Losing Touch."

Day & Age might not be a tremendous success, but it's an entertaining 40 minutes of pop music that proves The Killers are back on track.

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Anonymous said...

Love this album. Amazing Live