Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Artist: Yves Klein Blue

Yves Klein Blue are a four-piece from the Land Down Under just a couple years outside of high school who are already set to make some serious noise there and in the States. With a win at MTV's Kickstart competition in 2007, the band attracted enough attention to sign to Australian label Dew Process and release a stellar EP, Yves Klein Blue Draw Attention To Themselves. Their music draws inspiration from bands like The Libertines and The Clash, but Yves Klein Blue have a sound all their own, blending old-school punk, Brit-rock, and classic pop melodies.

Several tracks on their debut EP are noisy and raucous, especially the gypsy-punk tune "Polka" and the raw rocker "Silence Is Distance." On other songs, front-man Michael Tomlinson's conversational verses bounce along on jangling piano, bossa nova guitars, and horns before climaxing into energetic, earnest choruses. Yves Klein Blue pull it all off spectacularly, with intelligent (though sometimes irreverent) lyrics, great style, and an exceptionaly talented and confident presentation. I highly recommend giving these guys a listen; you won't regret it.

The band are currently recording their full-length debut album, though I don't know of a release date. However, you should waste no time in getting to their MySpace page, which is now streaming the majority of Draw Attention To Themselves. Also, the EP is available on iTunes, Amazon etc.