Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MP3 Monday on Wednesday: Larsen & Furious Jane, Matt Duke, Anathallo

So I missed MP3 Monday, but that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy some free music later in the week, right? I've actually got THREE songs and one video for you to enjoy, so check them out.
Larsen & Furious Jane

The first two songs actually have to do with my latest post on Larsen & Furious Jane. Two more tracks have been made available for posting from their fantastic record, Zen Sucker, so I'm putting them up here because it's imperative that you take a listen. "Vietnamese Pool Boy" is a dark, edgy tune, while "Local Nobility" leans more toward mellow noise rock. Both are great.

Vietnamese Pool Boy (MP3)

Local Nobility (MP3)

Matt D

This next song comes from singer/songwriter Matt Duke. Duk is well-loved in his home town, Philadelphia, and has recently released his sophomore album entitled Kingdom Underground. The song, "Spilt Milk," is an emotional pop-rock ballad that deals with some heavy issues. Matt's new album is full of more weighty matters than love or heartache, as he explains;

“Love songs – I put those aside. I hear them on the radio so often. Writing about love and breakups is almost tired. The whole idea of your spiritual unrest, what you believe in and what you don’t, what you’re struggling with now and what you will struggle with for the rest of your life, were, for some reason, the things that were the easiest to write about."

Spilt Milk (MP3)


OK, so I'm cheating a little here. This isn't a track for download, but it's a song you should hear. Over at Pitchfork they have a video for the song "Bells" by the band Anathallo. The band have a rich art-rock sound full of gorgeous instrumentation and layers of harmony. Their new album Canopy Glow was released on Tuesday and is receiving rave reviews already. The video is odd, to say the least, but the song is wonderful.

Bells (Video)