Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Filter's Top 10 Album List

Filter just released their Top Ten Albums of 2008 List, so I thought I'd pass it on to see what everyone thinks. As for myself, I don't really get why everyone's getting all excited about MGMT (they're not bad, they're just not THAT good), but Fleet Foxes, TV On The Radio, and Bon Iver will make my top 10 this year. Thoughts?

Filter Top 10 Albums of The Year:

1. MGMT, Oracular Spectacular (Columbia)
2. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop)
3. Dr. Dog, Fate (Park the Van)
4. TV On The Radio, Dear Science (Interscope)
5. Foals, Antidotes (Sub Pop)
6. Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar)
7. She and Him, Volume One (Merge)
8. M83, Saturdays = Youth (Mute U.S)
9. Cut Copy, In Ghost Colors (Modular/Interscope)
10 The Dears, Missiles (Dangerbird)

Also, if you go here you can see individual staff top 10 lists which include mentions of a few more of my favorites like Wolf Parade, Johnny Flynn, and Sigur Ros.


OD said...

MGMT No. 1 is definitely a bit excessive. It's a solid album, but I'd rate it above-average at best.

Fleet Foxes is probably my No. 1 of the year.

The Captain said...

I really dig MGMT. Their album has 4 great songs, and the rest I could throw away. I've even been tempted to make a mixed CD just to extract the great songs from the crapolla. They deserve recognition but not the top spot.

Fleet Foxes would be my vote for number one. I saw them live and the harmonies on the album or 10 times greater live (if you can believe that!).

I didn't like TV on the Radio in the beginning (as evidenced by how I scored their album) but it has really grown on me. I guess Snob was right.

Kickcity903 said...

1,5, and 10 are the only ones I can't get into.

Chris N said...

Yeah, it's definitely not a bad overall list, though I agree that Foals is an odd choice.

Also, Fleet Foxes is in my top three as well. I saw them live too and I was blown away! I actually did a concert review a while ago.

Anonymous said...

filter is a promotion-marketing company so i cant really take any list of theirs seriously

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog's the rabbit, the bat and the reindeer. just can't get enough of that.