Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Should Know: Linfinity

Dylan Von Wagner, lead singer of newcomers Linfinity, has one of those voices - a croon so distinctive and vibrant it just about demands your undivided attention. His vocals bring to mind Antony Hegarty at times and The Mimicking Birds (also new to the scene this year) at others, but there's really nothing just like it, and it sets Linfinity's debut, Martian's Bloom, apart. The band, now several years in the making, has released a striking first effort, a genuinely interesting album that slides smoothly between styles and approaches while still establishing an identifiable sound for the band. Much of the record has a mid-tempo vibe and an almost haunting quality to it - encapsulated by the lovely title track and the floating closer "Norm's Song" - but the group isn't afraid to get a little loud on cuts like the searing "Choo Choo Train to Venice" and the relatively muscular "MSG." The variance in tempo keeps things from becoming monotonous, and it gives the artists involved a chance to show off their considerable musicianship.

Wagner won't win everyone over with his unique warble, but the music's unusual beauty is certainly its greatest selling point for those who appreciate and enjoy things a little out of the ordinary. Also Martian's Bloom is an intelligently composed and well-executed debut that readily reveals the maturity and experience of its creators, revealing more with each thorough listen. Linfinity is off to a great start, so don't be surprised if you start hearing more from and about these guys in the near future. For a taste, download "MSG" below or check out the band's MySpace for more.

Download: "MSG"