Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review: Fang Island - Fang Island (* * * *)

It first seemed strange when, doing research on Fang Island, I found the band’s first two EPs filed under the "Children’s Music" section of iTunes. I doubt the label was intentional, given the band’s high volume rock‘n’roll style, but after becoming more familiar with Fang Island’s self-titled debut, the categorization does seem accurate in certain ways. The collective’s brand of indie-pop is endlessly energetic, noisy and joyful, blending soaring, chanted choruses with epic instrumentals for a deliriously fun experience the group describes as “everyone high-fiving everyone.” The music has an almost universal appeal; there's a youthful energy but also a great deal of impressive musicianship, and a unique ambition that begs attention and appreciation. To call it groundbreaking would be an overstatement; instead, Fang Island is just as fascinating and wholly successful a debut record as has been released in 2010.(Read the rest at In Review Online)