Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Should Know: Kris Drever

Known by some as the son of Ivan Drever, member of Celtic band Wolfstone, Kris Drever has now blazed a trail of his own, first as a guitarist with the band Lau (who I've admittedly never heard of) and lately with a couple of fantastic solo albums, the last of which was just recently released. 2010's Mark the Hard Earth was my introduction to Drever's enchanting folk music, though after listening I immediately sought out his debut, Black Water, which I found equally impressive. His clear, warm voice at times could be described as what James Taylor might sound like with an Scottish accent (which means, of course, that I love it), and his engrossing storytelling conjures striking imagery both modern and antiquated. Neither of his records break much new ground or aim to push boundaries, but each is thoroughly excellent and together they serve to establish Kris Drever as a noteworthy voice in the folk community.

For his latest, I recommend the bittersweet title/opening track, the bright and bouncy "Sweet Honey in the Rock" and the more lively duet "The Banks of the Nile," which has a slightly Decemberist-style edge to it. Each highlight perfectly exemplifies his seemingly natural melodic gift, his remarkable songwriting, and his most powerful weapon - that radiant and emotive tenor voice. I really can't lavish enough praise on this guy, he's incredible, so go listen!

I wasn't able to find a legit link to offer you a free download from the new record, but you can find a good selection of older songs to stream on his website and newer ones at his MySpace.




Heart On Sleeve Music said...

Kris is a great talent & songwriter! Nice post! :-)

monxton said...

OK, you are American and therefore cannot tell Scottish from Irish. Never mind.

Also you should check out Lau, because they are officially the best band in the world.

Chris N said...

Yeah, that was a tremendous blunder on my part. Can't say why I wrote that now - I swear I know he's Scottish. Apparently I didn't at the time or I simply messed up.

Thanks for only *kinda* being an ass about it :)