Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt (* * * *)

Kristian Matsson, Swedish folk singer-songwriter and lone artist behind the Tallest Man on Earth moniker, is a man that appears to eschew artistic excess of most any kind, musical or otherwise. Sure, many musicians keep things simple and record on a shoestring budget because they have to, but it’s clear on his full-length sophomore record that Matsson actually prefers to operate in a limited, sparse musical setting—and it truly would be difficult to imagine his songs presented any other way. As a result, his latest effort, The Wild Hunt, sounds much like his debut (2008's Shallow Grave), with Matsson writing, recording and producing the record entirely by himself and using a limited selection of instruments (guitar, banjo, piano) to compliment his somewhat harsh, Dylan-esque voice. It’s a testament to his ability and maturity that The Wild Hunt is not only a refinement of this young artist’s songcraft, but a real step forward from his first album in terms of emotional breadth and resonance. (Read the rest @ In Review Online)