Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review: Vampire Weekend - Contra (* * * 1/2)

I wonder if Ezra Koenig and company didn’t intend for the opening line of the first track on their sophomore effort to be a direct affront to their critics: “In December, drinking horchata, I look psychotic in a balaclava.” This wouldn’t seem a declarative or confrontational statement out of context, yet given the amount of grief directed at the indie pop stars for their frequent references to hipster clothing and stuffy, upper class society, it might well be just that. But as the band transition into the sudden burst of tropical drums and the vocal refrain that follows soon after, there’s the feeling that this isn’t quite business as usual either. "Horchata" immediately becomes of a type with the entirety of Vampire Weekend’s second album, Contra. The record finds the group entrenching themselves further into their indie-rock-meets-afro-pop sensibilities, updating that style in a confident if less than truly adventurous way. With the aid of a bigger budget and more refined production, Contra should broaden Vampire Weekend’s already considerable appeal. But it doesn’t ultimately leave the same impact of their stellar debut. (Continue Reading at In Review Online)


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