Sunday, January 31, 2010

(Reposted) Review: Surfer Blood - Astro Coast (* * * *)

If there ever was a band that personified "college rock," Surfer Blood is it. As their bio states, these University of Florida students recorded their debut album "in a college dorm room, using musical equipment purchased with scholarship money." Supposedly, they rejected the version they had begun to record in the studio due to "the way the engineer was affecting their sound." This is certainly a very “indie” thing for a band to do, but the decision seems to have been an intelligent one in this case; Astro Coast is a more than solid rock 'n roll debut with an enjoyable DIY aesthetic. Like their name might imply, the boys carry on a sound quite prevalent last year, a sort of fuzzy surf-pop, but their spin on that style is considerably more interesting than that of their peers. Surfer Blood take that sunny, easygoing vibe of '09 and marry it to earnest power-pop, the results of which make for a consistently fun and thoroughly entertaining record which surprisingly lives up to the generous amount of hype that's gathered around it. (Continue Reading @ In Review Online)