Saturday, August 8, 2009

Review: Ganglians - Monster Head Room (* * * *)

From the latest and greatest uber-indie label, Woodsist, spring Ganglians, otherworldly psych-rockers who sound very much at home with labelmates Woods and Kurt Vile (not to mention alumni such as Wavves and Crystal Stilts), though their intriguingly bizarre sound truly puts them in a category all their own. The band recently unloaded a lengthy EP and debut album on us almost simultaneously, apparently unable to wait to unveil all their new material, though considering the records share several tracks, the timing still seems a bit like overkill. It’s obvious from listening to Monster Head Room, however, that restraint isn’t part of the equation musically or otherwise for Ganglians; the band revel in their over-the-top brand of psychedelia with mostly excellent results, combining melodic pop hooks with strange twists and unexpected turns, and ultimately emerging with something utterly beguiling and quite fun. (Continue Reading...)