Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MP3 Monday (late edition): A.A. Bondy, E-603, Sunbears!, Keegan DeWitt, Daniel Johnston

So I kinda missed Monday, but I was close this week. Here are some great tunes by some artists you may not be familiar with yet and a couple that have been around for a while. Enjoy!

A. A. Bondy - I Can See the Pines are Dancing (MP3)

I first heard of A. A. Bondy a couple years ago and was very excited to get word about his upcoming record entitled When the Devil's Loose - set for release on the first of September. I've had a chance to listen to the album and I'm liking what I hear, especially this free single "I Can See the Pines are Dancing." Bondy's simple, melodic folk style and slightly rough voice make this one you should add to your collection. (MySpace)

E-603 -
Lights Out (MP3) and Dirtbag Baby (Mp3)

I'm not usually one that goes crazy over mash-ups, but I recently heard these two tunes from E-603 and I couldn't resist. Ethan Ward combines everything from Natalie Imbruglia to the Jackson 5 to hardcore rap (I don't know my rappers well) smoothly into slices of pop goodness that are easy to enjoy. Check out a couple tracks from his debut, Torn Up, which Ward released himself. (MySpace)

Sunbears! -
I'm Alive (MP3)

I'll admit I wasn't expecting much when I clicked on the link to listen to "I'm Alive," a song by Sunbears! from an EP titled Dream Happy Dreams. Fortunately, though the song certainly has the sort of overeager cheeriness you would expect from such a band and such an album, it's also quite good. I believe the EP has already been released, so give the rest of it a listen if you like what you hear here. (MySpace)

Keegan DeWitt -
Telephone (MP3)

Known for his beautiful film scores and lately for opening for the likes of Rhett Miller and M. Ward, Keegan DeWitt brings us a new album, this one a more pop-oriented set of tunes entitled Islands. "Telephone," the early single available here, is a nice showcase of Keegan's charmingly droopy voice and beautiful string arrangements and shouldn't be overlooked. (MySpace)

Daniel Johnston - Freedom (MP3)

Here's a name you may be more familiar with. Daniel Johnston is back with his first album in six years, entitled Is and Always Was. The record, to be released October 6th, is a collaboration with producer/musician Jason Falkner and will have a slightly more hi-fi sound than some of his previous releases. Download the short, punchy "Freedom" for a taste of the upcoming album. (Website)