Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joshua James set to release sophomore LP, offers free tune

I've been a fan of Joshua James since his debut album, The Sun is Always Brighter, was released a couple years ago - a folk record with modest beginnings that eventually garnered a good deal of acclaim from those that had the pleasure of hearing it. James possesses a genuine and seemingly natural songwriting ability, and combined with his uniquely raspy, whispered voice it often makes his songs feel like the work of a man with much more wisdom and experience than would expect to find in a 25 year-old. He describes his inspiration in this way; "...there are contrasts to everything. You have to combine the sweet and salty, the ugly and beautiful. Music is very therapeutic for me. It’s all about making a connection with humanity, with the audience, in ways that I normally wouldn’t be able to."

His sophomore LP, entitled Build Me This, will be released on September 22, but he's giving you the opportunity for a preview by offering "Magazine" for free below. The track should give you a good idea of the direction Joshua is heading on this upcoming release, which shows louder, more rockin' side of him than we've heard before. Download and enjoy!

Magazine (MP3)