Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MP3 Monday (Tuesday Edition): Imelda May, Music Go Music, AU, The Black Heart Procession

Once again I'm a little late on the feature, but I've got some great stuff here, so hopefully you'll forgive me.

Imelda May - Johnny Got a Boom Boom (zipped MP3)

Irish rockabilly singer/songwriter Imelda May is set to release her debut album, Love Tattoo, in the U.S. next week, an old-school blues/rock/jazz record that that has people across the pond talking, including guitar legend Jeff Beck. The first single and lead track, "Johnny Got a Boom Boom" is an excellent example of May and company's infectious rock 'n' roll sound. (MySpace)

Music Go Music - Warm in the Shadows (MP3)

Dance collective Music Go Music will be releasing their first LP Expressions, in October, but the band have released the first single well in advance, the nearly ten-minute electro-funk tune, "Warm in the Shadows." Get introduced now before all the hype kicks in for this legitimately exciting new group. (MySpace)

AU - Ida Walked Away (MP3)

This is the only song I've heard from Portland duo AU, but it's a strong first impression. The intricate percussion blended with the noisy, messy guitar on "Ida walked Away" is an intriguing combination and bodes well for the band's upcoming Versions EP, also due out in October. Take a listen and you, like me, will probably want to hear more. (MySpace)

The Black Heart Procession - Rats (MP3)

Another group I've only recently been introduced to, The Black Heart Procession make music befitting their name; dark, slinky rock that gets under your skin and stays there. "Rats" is the first single from the band's upcoming album, Six, an unimaginatively titled album but one I'm excited to hear nonetheless. (MySpace)