Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today on In Review Online:

As I've mentioned and as you can see on the sidebar, I write for a site called In Review Online that puts out a weekly selection of movie and music reviews written, for the most part, by people much more talented than myself. This week has a 'double-issue' theme to it and there's all kinds of great material which you should check out including four reviews that I posted here previously. In the future, I'll be including links to InRO from material I write that gets posted there.

WIR #37-38 (Double-Issue)
(includes some fantastic movie reviews along with a review of the new Grizzly Bear album which I love but am too lazy to write about on the site)

My contributions this week:

St. Vincent - Actor [Full Review]

, Annie Clark’s sophomore effort as St. Vincent, is a mature, complex and remarkably gripping blend of intriguing experimentation and beautiful melodies.

White Rabbits - It's Frightening [Full Review]

It’s Frightening is a solid sophomore effort from White Rabbits that shows the band taking a more adventurous and less direct approach to crafting a unique and exciting indie rock album.

John Vanderslice - Romanian Names [Full Review]

John Vanderslice’s seventh record, Romanian Names, doesn’t live up to his own self-established standard, but there’s enough good material to be worth our attention.

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career [Full Review]

My Maudlin Career contains a few of Camera Obscura’s best tunes but is ultimately hampered by too much uninspired and dreary songwriting.