Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ghostbird is an indie rock duo comprised of Trent Hancock (guitar/vocals) and Mike Cooper (Drums) who just released their debut self-titled EP. I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to the group and have enjoyed working my way through the album's six songs, simple, melodic pop tunes that are catchy and emotionally charged. Though the band's sound often has a familiar tinge to it, the boys show some genuine talent and manage to craft a unique enough spin on classic indie pop to make their music very much worth your time.

Hancock and guest singer Joy Bishop float gently over shimmering guitar lines one moment and compete with a distortion and drum attack the next, though the feeling of the record is generally more wistful and lonely than angry or intense. My favorites include the gorgeous opener "Toy Soldier" and the bouncy alt-rock tune "Caroline," the latter of which features some excellent piano work. It's interesting that Hancock shares his best songs with another singer, but he has some notable moments of his own, particularly "Night Kills Day." Ghostbird serves as an early showcase of a band with ideas and ambition working on finding their sound while creating some great songs in the process.

Check out the band on MySpace and/or download "Toy Soldiers" below.

Toy Soldiers (MP3 download)


Michelle said...

This band is amazing! Thanks for the song, keep it up ;-)