Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shuta Hasunuma's Pop Ooga

My descent into the realm of the more avant-garde side of electronic music has been a slow one and only really started six or seven months ago, so I surprised myself when I fell in love with Shuta Hasunuma's latest record and third overall effort, Pop Ooga. Hasunuma makes music I've heard described as 'glitch-pop,' and although I'm fairly new to the term, the label seems fitting. The album is full of bursts of synth along with scattered piano and acoustic guitar riffs thrown into loops under the occasional whispered vocals. The fractured melodies are strangely inviting and thoroughly fascinating, with each of the 58 minutes carefully crafted and beautifully presented.

An attempt at describing the music in any more detail than I have already would be a mistake as I no real frame of reference here, but I will point you to one of my favorite tunes which you can download below, the expressive, bright "Power Osci," which falls on the relatively more approachable side of Pop Ooga's thirteen tracks. Granted, this is the kind of music that should truly be heard the context of the entire project, but the song should give you a good idea of Hasunuma's uniquely compelling electronic style.

The record is being released in the U.S. on double vinyl through Western Vinyl next week and will include a bonus track, "Go Pacific." You can also purchase the album digitally already through iTunes, Amazon, etc. if you prefer not to wait. Either way, take the time to familiarize yourself with the music of Shuta Hasunuma.

Power Osci (MP3)