Thursday, February 19, 2009

Throw Me the Statue release new EP, offer free MP3

Indie band Throw Me the Statue are back with a new EP entitled Purpleface, a four-song follow-up to last year's Moonbeams. The record features three new songs, "That's How You Win," "Honeybee," and "Ship," and one reworking of a previously released tune, "Written In Heart Signs, Faintly." The band are also recording a full-length LP to be released later this year (hopefully).

You can download the song "Ship," below, a beautiful, understated gem that holds up to singer/songwriter Scott Reitherman's best work on Moonbeams. With more material on the way soon, 2009 is looking good for Throw Me the Statue and those of us lucky enough to be familiar with their music.

Ship (MP3)

1. That's How You Win
2. Written In Heart Signs, Faintly
3. Honeybee
4. Ship