Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Should Know: Way Yes

I first heard Way Yes a couple months ago when I stumbled upon their excellent debut EP, Herringbone. Now, five months after that intriguing introduction, they've unveiled perhaps an even better EP entitled Walkability that has made me realize it's high time I get the word out about these guys.

Way Yes is comprised of Ohioans Glenn Davis and Travis Hall, a talented duo who combine nimble afropop guitars, subtle electronica, and smooth vocals into a sound that could be described as a blend of indie favorites Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend. But that's a rough approximation of their style, you really just have to give these guys a listen to understand how compelling their lighthearted, yet thoughtful, approach to experimental pop music can be.

Favorites from the EPs include "Johanna," "Walkability," "Gino," and "Ties"

Hear both of their EPs at their bandcamp/homepage:

And if you need a listen right this second, go ahead and check out this free MP3 from Walkability:

Gino (MP3)