Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (* * * 1/2)

I didn’t see or hear much about Band of Horses moving to a major label for the release of their third effort, Infinite Arms. This kind of news is often received with a heavy dose of skepticism about the effect such a transition will have on the quality of future output, but for Band of Horses it just didn’t seem to cause much of a stir. I suppose that’s probably because this move wasn’t exactly unexpected; Band of Horses seemed almost destined for the kind of post-indie fame enjoyed by the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, due to the accessible nature of the former’s music. Perhaps most figured it just wouldn’t make much of a difference in their sound anyway. In that regard, I guess it’s true that any trepidation on our part would have been unnecessary. An even with all the effort expended (the album took 16 months to complete) and band members exchanged (frontman Ben Bridwell is now the lone original member), Infinite Arms is—in many respects—very similar to the group’s first two releases. Of course, you may or may not consider that good news, and your view on that subject will probably determine your reception of the band’s latest. (Read the rest @ In Review Online)